New website

I decided to take a WordPress class through Continuing Ed.  This website may change, although I want to keep it simple.  I like having more control than just a Facebook page where my videos get blocked by a “gotcha” copyright algorithm.

After struggling with plugins, I settled on Envira Gallery and MetaSlider, plus Google Fonts.  I used WP Smush to set a maximum 1280 pixel width so that photos load quickly — but bear in mind they look and print better from full size.  The main gallery on this page was re-smushed to 2560 pixels, and there is a page of selected photos at full size.  There are still issues to be worked out with the Home page and the Header video working on mobile devices.  I could  mess with the code on display size.  But video backgrounds generally are not available on mobile devices  so it is replaced by a static Media Poster image.  (Users are not happy if you start a video streaming that consume the monthly traffic, so this is considered as a best practice in web development.)

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